So who starts analyzing the core first?

Life at Sea vs. Life in Bremen

Today was the last day of core description for Chicxulub Impact Crater scientists who have been working at the University of Bremen in Germany. You would assume that doing scientific work on land for four weeks would be a lot different than doing scientific work on the JR for eight weeks, but, surprisingly, the life you end up leading in both situations has a lot in common.

Who is the most important person on the ship?

Off to Explore the Past!

At first light the crew of the JOIDES Resolution were busy with the

Not So Fast! Types of earthquakes at the Sumatra Seismogenic Zone

Several different types of earthquakes and fault-slip events happen at the Sunda subduction zone and other subduction zones around the world. Typical earthquakes usually last a few seconds to a few minutes, if they have very large magnitude. But not all fault slip results in typical earthquakes.

Core description on land vs. core description at sea

The Chicxulub K-Pg Impact Crater expedition 364 scientists are in Bremen, Germany right now. They are describing the cores they drilled last spring in the Chicxulub Crater.

The Sunda/Sumatra subduction zone- how does it compare to other subduction zones around the world?

What is a subduction zone?

The Ninety East Ridge

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