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Creating an Illustration

Illustrations are important in sharing information between scientists and people who want to learn about their research projects. 

Why is an artist on a scientific expedition?

As an artist I think I can increase peoples' ability to make observations.  On the JR, I am also part of the education team using my artistic talents for projects with the ship. My first project was to create an illustration for the "Adopt a Microbe" project.

You too can be an artist-----watch this space for how to do it.....Sea ya tomorrow!

It's Potty Time!

Plumbing is important not only to your body, but also to the smooth running of the ship's....


settling in

The stateroom or cabin is approximately 10'x 10'. There are 2 lockers about 18" wide to hold our clothes, shoes and miscelaneous "stuff". At the top of the locker is located our life vest, hard hat, and safety suit. There is a sink with a mirror. One desk that is approximately 40" long with 3 drawers and a couple of shelves above and a chair.

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