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Looking Back on Expedition 360


As we steam towards Mauritius, Expedition 360 draws to a close. It has been an incredible two months of many ups and downs...

New Podcast Episode: The Limits of Life


Ginny and Jason search for life... hundreds of meters below the seafloor.

A Brief Word from the Atlantic

It's an exciting time for earth science, not only in the Indian Ocean but in the Atlantic as well. At the same time as we are drilling deep into Atlantis Bank, the British research ship RSS James Cook< is studying another mid-ocean ridge: the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.  

Atlantis Bank: A Mountain Under the Sea


For over a month now, the JOIDES resolution has maintained its position in the southwest Indian Ocean, 700 meters above Atlantis Bank. This undersea mountain was named in 1986 by one of our co-chief scientists Henry Dick, “we found a block that had been lifted up to sea level, it was an island at one point” says Dick, “so we named it Atlantis Bank after of course the lost city of Atlantis”.

The Biggest Core

Yesterday, by complete accident, we recovered the largest diameter core in ocean drilling history! Here’s how it happened…

Podcast Chapter 3: The Life of a Core


What happens to the rocks we collect from deep within the earth? One the latest episode, we follow the life of a piece of core onboard the JOIDES Resolution as it is analyzed by the many scientists. Plus the latest news from the expedition: issues with a broken drill bit and a medical evacuation.

You Asked, We Answered.


We successfully completed our reddit ask me anything (AMA), which turned out to be the busiest in IODP history! 9 of us spent 2 hours debating, researching, and answering 64 questions about the JR, expedition 360, and seafloor geology in general. You can read all the questions and answers on reddit< but here are some of our favorites...

How Low Can We Go?


The goal of expedition 360 is to drill hole U1473 as deep as we possibly can in the two months we have onboard the JOIDES Resolution. Our target is 1300 meters, this would be the third deepest hole ever drilled into oceanic crust (ie. hard igneous and metamorphic rocks, we’re not counting the sediments that sit on top).

Podcast Chapter 2: The Theory That Changed Everything


An episode consisting of three stores: an idea that no one believed, how to start the hole itself, and an expedition of tragedy and discovery.


Now that the core is flowing, the word “recovery” is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. How was the recovery? Did the recovery improve? Man, the recovery has been great!

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