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What shall we eat? - Keep Cool! (bilingual)


Nearly everybody going on board of the JOIDES Resolution for the first time may have asked the question: "What shall we eat in this 8 weeks?" to himself or to others, when preparing to sail. Because of the ambitious expedition goals, the ship is designed to remain 8 weeks on sea, without visiting any port. 

(Platten-) Grenzen erfahren: Walter Kurz

Some Coercive Forces: Simone Mantovanelli

It is difficult, to find a date to speak with Simone Mantovanelli. Since she is the only Palaeomagnetist on board of the JOIDES Resolution working with the new SRM, she is facing almost the work for two. She has already requested a great number of samples, the mud in little plastic-boxes and the rocks cut into tiny cubes.

Wir kommen wieder! - We'll be back! (bilingual)

Rui Zhang: Searching for the small-smaller-smallest

On board of the JOIDES Resolution different scientists follow different research goals. Geology (especially Ignious Petrology, Geochemistry, Geophysics and Palaeomagnetism) and Microbiology are the main scientific disciplines represented in our science-party.

Storm?-Survivors remember 1995!

Asut Tesoru (Big Blue) - Wir machen es! (dt.)

Asut Tesoru (Big Blue)-We're making it!

Drill-Hole Forever?/ Bohrloch Für Immer?

At the beginning of 2017 the JOIDES Resolution is still working on Yinazao (Blue Moon-) seamount. Our visitors may ask: "What are they still doing there?" Well, there is an easy answer containing some details. We're preparing the drill hole N° 1492D (3666 mbsl.) near the top of the seamount for further investigation (see flag in model).

Year Goes By, Drilling Goes On (bilingual)

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