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Education - Contest for schools/Concorso per scuole: we have a winner!


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The question was: when will we reach the basement in the site 1500?

Behing the science - Drilling, casing, coring and, sometimes...LOGGING!

In this post we will discover another operation very important for collecting useful data about our holes: the logging.

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Science on board/Education: Do you remember the Styrofoam cups?

Do you remember the 86 Styrofoam cups we sent on the seafloor (3800 m below sea level) with our sub-sea video camera? 

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Behind the Science - Exp. 367: a Record Breaking Expedition!

We need to wait even some years to fully understand the major scientific findings in Expedition 367 but what we can say right now without any doubt is that on the point of view of the operations Exp 367 has been one of the most challenging and successful ever done. Let's discover why from the words of our Operation Superintendent Steve Midgley.

Science on board - Chit-chat with a structural geologiste (english/french)

So far, in our chit-chats we met sedimentologists, geophysicists, paleomagnetists, paleontologists. Now it is the turn of a structural geologist. He is from France and this post will be bilingual.

Madames and Messieurs, voila Michael Nirrengarten.

Science on board - Expedition 367 in one minute!


Expedition 367 is going to finish. We spent two months on the South China Sea and next expedition 368 will continue to work here with the same scientific objectives of expedition 367.


Science on board - Quattro chiacchiere con un geofisico (Italiano)


Ciao a tutti. Oggi vi presento uno degli Italiani a bordo della JOIDES Resolution. Si tratta di Jacopo Boaga, un geofisico dell'Universita' di Padova. Vediamo cosa ci racconta.

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Science on board - Boo! We have a Ghost on the JR


Science on board - Chit-chat with a Petrophysicist

One of the kindest person on the ship, always a sweet smile for everyone and a huge passion for science. I'm glad to introduce you Isabel Sauermilch.

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Q: Where did you study? Where are are you working now?

Science on board - Chit-chat with a Paleomagnetist


Among the variety of geologists we have onboard of the JR there are the group of the Paleomagnetists. Let's discover something about one of them Steven Skinner, a scientist always available in inspiring students during the video connections, about the exciting world of Paleomagnetism.

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