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Greetings from NZ

Kia ora

Where I live in New Zealand that is the Maori way of saying hello.  I could do the haka (any rugby fans here?) for you but we would need a video for that.  The haka is more of a challenge to threaten opponents in warfare but we are all friends here!

Seaweek at the National Aquarium

At the National Aquarium we have been celebrating Seaweek with a variety of fun events!  Our theme this year was Healthy Seas, Healthy People so we had beach clean ups, poetry readings, lectures, fun runs and art competitions. 

Another NZ bird-little penguin

As part of the National Aquarium’s Seaweek conservation work, Hawkes Bay’s little penguins (Kororā) will have twenty new cosy homes on Tait’s Beach north of Napier, New Zealand. 

Like a gannet

Australasian gannets were the topic last week at the National Aquarium Royal Society lecture by Dr. Gabriel Machovsky- Capuska, research fellow in Nutritional Ecology at Sydney University.  Australasian gannets occur in southern Australia and New Zealand.