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Celebrate Good Times

Something that I’ve learned very quickly is that holidays and special occasions, like birthdays, are not taken lightly on the JOIDES Resolution. Throughout weeks where just about everything around us is static, it’s quite refreshing to have a celebration on the horizon.

Easter Rocks! Kevin Talks! Meet your Operations Superintendent

Happy Easter on the JOIDES Resolution! One of our co-chief scientists, Cathy Busby, had little treats for us today, Peeps and chocolate eggs! We had some spectacular core come up with excellent blue/green colors. Due to Internet limitations, I’m only able to upload one photo, but please do visit our facebook page to see images of the spectacular core!<

Video Diary #6: Science, Singing, and Scottish Food

In my latest video diary<, check out how we've been surviving notorious Week 6 of our expedition by keeping things festive, even amidst our last round of cores. From birthdays to Burns night, the science team keeps finding new ways to celebrate and keep our morale high.