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Seismic Profiles and S. AK Science with Dr. Lindsay Worthington

Imagine you had a freshly baked layer cake and wanted to sample some fruit layers in the middle of the cake with a straw. How would you know where to push your straw into the cake, or how far down to push the straw to sample the desired layers? One strategy might be to take an X-ray of the cake to determine the position of the layers inside. Geologists employ a similar strategy to image the rocks and sediments beneath the Earth.

Even Empty Cores Have Silver Linings

We've finished drilling at site U1459A, and it was certainly a challenge. It didn't have the chunky fragments like U1458 (the first drill site), instead the sediment switches unpredictably between rock-hard carbonate layers, and soft sediment, making consistent coring incredibly difficult. But we're learning from our struggles!

Exp359. Son meilleur profil !!

airgunLe profil de sismique réflexion:   c' est un outil de  base de l'expédition .

Il s'appuie sur la connaissance des ondes sismiques :