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Women in Science

Are you considering a career in science? Geology can take you to exciting places and you can work with amazing people!   This photo shows 21 of the 25 brilliant women scientists, educators and lab technicians on Expedition 341.  This stellar group has impressive international qualifications (15 PhD’s) and represents 12 countries from around the world.

Women in Science

In one of my recent live broadcasts with the Marina Del Ray Middle School, a very interesting question was asked: “Most of the scientists we can see, or the ones you have shown us, have been women. Are there a lot of women on the JR?

Women in Science: Q&A with Senay Horozal


Hi Heather !

You are a young woman sailing on the JR as an assistant Lab Officer ...


Can you explain your curriculum in science ?


Natsue, you are a geoscientist, specialized in physical properties and you sail a lot on board the JR and the Chikyu ...


Can you explain your curriculum in science ?

Earth and Planetary Sciences

Today in Geology History: In Memory of Marie Tharp, Pioneering Oceanographer

Think of the first time you saw a map of the world. It probably looked like colorful patches mostly connected to other colorful patches, with a vast scape of blue between the colorful areas. Until the 1940s, that’s how many people imagined the ocean: “a uniform, featureless blue border for the continents.” We commemorate Marie Tharp with a photo of many of the women on the current research cruise of the JR and a brief summary of her work, which includes creating the first seafloor maps of the world's oceans and establishing the global distribution of mid-ocean ridges.