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Camera - DOWN! Core- UP!

“WOAH!” Is all I have to say! (Please do say it like Joey Lawrence does in Blossom… and if that isn’t ringing a bell, give it a quick youtube to enhance this experience)

Close, but no cigar. EXP 350's efforts fall just shy of depth goal due to broken camera.


The night shifters awoke to some bad news regarding our mission just after the day shifters had gone to bed. We learned that there was an issue with our re-entry camera preventing us from re-entering Hole E. We were just 200 meters shy of our goal of coring to 2,000 meters, which would have been a record for the JR.

Once in a Blue Moonpool

A few days ago we were lucky enough to test out the Subsea Camera System, which can be attached to the drill string and lowered to the ocean floor. Expedition 356 doesn't require the camera for drilling, so we performed a seafloor survey looking for corals and reef formation. This was our one chance to see the moonpool open, and the camera in action.