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Logging without an axe

Though structural geologists use our smaller sample of cored rock to form the larger picture< of what its surrounding rock may look like, confirmation about the hole’s physical and chemical traits comes from the work of our logging staff scientist, Sally Morgan.

A Blog on the Log of the Hole at the Bottom of the Sea

We've been talking a lot in this blog about the cores we recover, but they're not the only source of data we use. We also get a lot of information out of the holes those cores leave behind. The holes have the same sediment layers as the cores, and unlike the cores themselves, which can be incomplete or mixed-up, the sediments in the ground can give us a very consistent record, hundreds of metres long. We measure the sediments on the walls of the hole in a process called "downhole logging".

Behing the science - Drilling, casing, coring and, sometimes...LOGGING!

In this post we will discover another operation very important for collecting useful data about our holes: the logging.

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