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Oh, for Chert's Sake!

Location, location, location.

For those of you who have not been following our location through our interactive map (why not??!!?!), we’ve moved to our “expected 3rd” site U1461! I say “expected 3rd” because site U1459 was an alternate to U1458 – and come on, they’re practically on top of each other on the map! (If you couldn’t tell from the map, U1458 is the red star beneath the U1459 orange star – they are, in fact, only 1 nautical mile apart (see my earlier blog!))

Hump(back) Day!

We've finally reached the halfway point of our expedition, and I'm feeling a bit sentimental. It felt like months the first couple weeks, but now it feels as if the days are just flying by.

Women in Science

In one of my recent live broadcasts with the Marina Del Ray Middle School, a very interesting question was asked: “Most of the scientists we can see, or the ones you have shown us, have been women. Are there a lot of women on the JR?

What is the Indonesian Throughflow?

On our expeditions page, we wrote out our science objectives for coring along the western coast of Australia. Our focus, as the name suggests, of the expedition is to follow the history of the Indonesian Throughflow (ITF) and the Leeuwin Current to investigate topics like tectonics, climate change, and the development of ocean currents in this region.

So what are the ITF and the Leeuwin Current?

Things that helped me get through the infamous week 6...

I have been blessed to experience the joys of working on a world-famous research vessel with some of the smartest, friendliest people on Earth for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, in a close and confined space. As of September 13, 2015, everyone on this ship has worked for exactly 6 weeks: a total of 502 hours.

Wanted: Cookie Monster

Recently, there have been a couple sightings of the cookie monster wandering around the ship. I know it might sound crazy and you're probably thinking I'm seeing things, but there really was a person dressed in a cookie monster costume walking around the JR! The first sighting was in the catwalk/core deck and the second sighting was on the "Steel Beach" which is the uppermost deck (above the bridge).

Pirates off Western Australia

Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day! It's amazing how the JR gives me a constant reminder to really appreciate and enjoy the little things in life. :)

Not so glad for Glad® Cling Wrap

Some of the scientists noticed over the past few weeks that the SHMSL was showing weird color reflectance measurements for one Site. Thanks to the work of Eun Young (one of our core describers), we were able to figure out what was causing these inconsistencies at our recent site review meeting.