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Location, location, location.

For those of you who have not been following our location through our interactive map (why not??!!?!), we’ve moved to our “expected 3rd” site U1461! I say “expected 3rd” because site U1459 was an alternate to U1458 – and come on, they’re practically on top of each other on the map! (If you couldn’t tell from the map, U1458 is the red star beneath the U1459 orange star – they are, in fact, only 1 nautical mile apart (see my earlier blog!))

A Blog on the Log of the Hole at the Bottom of the Sea

We've been talking a lot in this blog about the cores we recover, but they're not the only source of data we use. We also get a lot of information out of the holes those cores leave behind. The holes have the same sediment layers as the cores, and unlike the cores themselves, which can be incomplete or mixed-up, the sediments in the ground can give us a very consistent record, hundreds of metres long. We measure the sediments on the walls of the hole in a process called "downhole logging".