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Preparing Exp 360 ... So exciting !

We were three Educators to sail on the JR, Alejandra, Lucas and me, Marion. Now a fourth, chinese, Education Officer arrived in our team, Jiansong !

This team will be very important to make a great job for you !

Expedition 360 has arrived in Colombo, Sri Lanka!

We have begun exploring Sri Lanka as we wait to board the JR on December 1st.  

Our adventures yesterday took us to a turtle conservation organization called Sea Turtles Protecting Association and Project. 

IMG_1378 (1)

LIVE! From Sri Lanka

Expedition 360's Education and Outreach team is hard at work and we haven't even left port yet!

We had the pleasure of speaking with a classroom of 10 year olds in Marseille, France last night.


And We're Off!!!

The JOIDES Resolution has left Sri Lanka and we are en route to the drill site!


The tug boats had us on our way out of the Sri Lanka port in no time.

In transit ... for 12 days ! En transit ... pour 12 jours !

You can see here our way to the South West Ocean Ridge... it is a long long way towards ... gabbros ... and MANTLE  :)

All the team is now super excited and determined !

Vous pouvez voir notre itineraire vers la dorsale Sud Ouest Indienne ... un long chemin nous separe ... des gabbros ... et du MANTEAU :)

Meet SloMo!

This is SloMo. He is a sloth and they are generally found in South America but SloMo is a very special sloth. He is part of the JOIDES Resolution Expedition 360 team. He is named for the slow spreading ridge of the Atlantis Bank and the Moho boundary that we will be exploring.

SloMo has learned his way around the ship.

Safety First!

Safety is a priority aboard the JOIDES Resolution. We practice weekly drills and this week we had a fire drill, just like the ones you remember from school. The JOIDES crew simulated a fire in the galley and we all had to report to our muster stations. 

Thin-Sections Part 1: What in the world are they?

If you take the stairs up to the core lab and keep taking a left through the lab, you will come across a row of microscopes displaying some beautiful images.  


Thin-Sections Part 2: Pretty Colors!


There is no core like Christmas core!

The JOIDES Resolution always does Christmas BIG and this year was no exception. 

It started with a performance by the choir in the lab stack, bridge and galley