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Hi, I'm Lucas. I talk about science.


Pleased to meet you, I’ll be one of four education and outreach personal on-board expedition 360 of the JOIDES Resolution! I’m so excited to be updating you with the latest from the ship for the next two months. My personal favorite way to do this will be a podcast called A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea. The first episode will be released this week but to get you excited here is a little preview...

The A, B, Seas of Motion Sickness


It’s our second day on the ocean and the boat is really starting to move! When it comes to motion sickness, let’s just say I’m very experienced. Planes, cars, boats, roller coasters, I’ve been sick on them all!

Bohale, From Above and Below

Captain Terry told us things were going to start moving and they sure did; we were five days away from the drill site and tropical cyclone Bohale stood in our way.

New Podcast Episode: The JR Meets the Press


The media is very excited about expedition 360 but this has brought to light some public concerns. Co-chief scientist Chris Macleod adresses the online comments on the latest episode of A Hole at the Bottom of the Sea. Plus, we talk to second mate John Powell as the JR navigates a storm and Dr. Gene Molina about the challenges of being a doctor in the middle of nowhere.

Podcast Chapter 2: The Theory That Changed Everything


An episode consisting of three stores: an idea that no one believed, how to start the hole itself, and an expedition of tragedy and discovery.

How Low Can We Go?


The goal of expedition 360 is to drill hole U1473 as deep as we possibly can in the two months we have onboard the JOIDES Resolution. Our target is 1300 meters, this would be the third deepest hole ever drilled into oceanic crust (ie. hard igneous and metamorphic rocks, we’re not counting the sediments that sit on top).

You Asked, We Answered.


We successfully completed our reddit ask me anything (AMA), which turned out to be the busiest in IODP history! 9 of us spent 2 hours debating, researching, and answering 64 questions about the JR, expedition 360, and seafloor geology in general. You can read all the questions and answers on reddit< but here are some of our favorites...

Podcast Chapter 3: The Life of a Core


What happens to the rocks we collect from deep within the earth? One the latest episode, we follow the life of a piece of core onboard the JOIDES Resolution as it is analyzed by the many scientists. Plus the latest news from the expedition: issues with a broken drill bit and a medical evacuation.

Art in the rock ... What do you see in these thin sections ? EPISODE 1

Jiansong Zhang, our Chinese reporter, gives a new vision of these 'dry' olivine-gabbro!!! let's see

a horse birthing

Courtesy of Bill Crawford, IODP imaging specialist

What do you see ?

Art in the rock ... What do you see in these thin sections ? EPISODE 2

Answer episode 1 : A horse giving birth ... by Jiansong Zhang our poetry-geologist !

Can you guess this one ?

a runaway couple

Courtesy of Bill Crawford, IODP Imaging specialist