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CORE DESCRIBERS : 3 teams, 3 specialties, 1 goal ! EPISODE 2 : STRUCTURAL GEOL.


Mike, Jeremy, Oliver, Carlotta, Gustavo. Another team to describe the rocks. They are interested in the organization of the minerals.


Background : Mike ; left : Gustavo ; right : Carlotta

CORE DESCRIBERS : 3 teams, 3 specialities, 1 goal ! episode 3 Structural Geol. con't

I will give you more details and show you some pictures to precise again the work of this team ...

Biscuits and Gravy

Drilling can alter the core in a variety of ways. This morning, the core on the description tables is made of "biscuits and gravy": coherent chunks of compacted sediments separated by a muddy matrix of ground up core that gets squeezed into the core barrel in between the biscuits. Why does this happen and what can it tell us?