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The calm before the storm/La quiete prima della tempesta (English/Italian)


Nei laboratori regna il silenzio. I tavoli e gli scaffali sono vuoti. Gli strumenti sono pronti ma fermi. Tutti sono in attesa. Modificando un po' il titolo della poesia di G. Leopardi e' la quiete PRIMA della tempesta.

FIRST CORE ON DECK! (Italian/English)


E' arrivata in superficie la prima carota di sedimento estratta dalla JOIDES Resolution nel Mare della Cina Meridionale durante la Spedizione 367.

33 Scientists from all around the world on board of the JR!


In this post let me introduce the science party of the Expedition 367. Of course you can find all the scientists at this link<, but I would rather prefer to introduce them with these pictures we took when we left Hong Kong on board the JOIDES Resolution.

Behind the Science - APC, XCB, RCB : a world of acronyms


One of the first things that I realized living on the JOIDES Resolution is that the people speak using a lot of acronyms.

Some of the most mysterious for me were the ones related to the drilling system.

Science on board - Too easy to say "Are you a Geologist?"/ Troppo facile chiedere "Sei un geologo?"(English/Italian)

Another thing I realized being on board the JR is that Geology is a very complex field of study and every scientist on the ship can not be completely defined under the term "Geologist". 

Life on the JR/Vita a bordo - Sunday BBQ on the JR/Grigliata domenicale sulla JR


Can you imagine how amazing would be to have a BBQ on a deck of a ship in the middle of the Ocean? 

We did on Sunday on board of the JR. 

The location was amazing. The weather was enjoyable and the food was really good.

Science on board/Education - Styrofoam cups into the deep ocean


Yesterday on the JOIDES Resolution we sent into the deep ocean the Sub Sea Video Camera. Together with the camera, in the system, there were also a beacon, a sonar and ... 86 Styrofoam cups.

Science on board - Exp 367 meets Exp 368: difficult but not impossible.


One thing that maybe I have not stressed yet is that Exp 367 is the first part of a 4 month expedition and the work of our expedition will be continued with Exp 368 from April to June.

Look at this page< if you want to know more.

Science on board - Chit-chat with a Sedimentologist


I'm going to continue introducing to the blog followers the scientists involved in the expedition. This time is the turn of Caroline Robinson. Anytime she helps me during the video connection with the school she is always able to inspire students with her enthusiasm. Here is her interview.

Behind the Science - Amazing JR