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Set Adrift - Apr 14 – Friday

Leaving port, was a “fat guy in a little coat” experience. The ship’s crew and engineers are magicians.

A magnetic personality is not all he has - Eric Ferré

May I introduce Eric Ferre. He has been sailing with us on the JOIDES Resolution as a Paleomagnetist and has been posting some wonderful pieces on his personal blog page:<

Setting Sail from Hong Kong- remembering a great day!

Get a sense of what it is like to depart on an expedition. The scientists are excited for the research opportunities at sea -

Evidence is your anchor out at sea!

The potential for new discoveries on JOIDES Resolution is great. Like space, the ocean floor and below are a relatively new frontier.

Student questions! Thanks Mr. Sanderfoot's classes!

This week I had the pleasure of meeting with two of Mr. Sanderfoot's classes from Berlin High School in Berlin Wisconsin. They had a chance to meet with scientists in the labs and have a virtual tour of the JOIDES Resolution at o-dark thirty here in the South China Sea! 

There is a hole in this boat! But we are not sinking?

We all sort of knew that this moon pool existed but there was something very unnerving about watching doors open up in the middle of the boat and looking at the dark ocean waters below. Why were we not sinking? 

A great team! Education Outreach

Today I am feeling very thankful to be sailing on the JOIDES Resolution and because I am part of a wonderful team, the education outreach team!  At 12AM and 12PM I meet with Shuhao and Gailun the two Chinese news reporters who are sailing with us to help tell the stories of science on board this research vessel. We discuss the events of the previous day and share footage through our ipad.

A floating university - The JOIDES Resolution

Now that things are settling in and everyone knows the realm of their lab and the desired format of the reports the scientists have found their work flow. With that settled there is time to appreciate what is so special about the JOIDES Resolution an the opportunity it is providing this hand picked group of scientists. This ship is truly a floating university. 

Sampling plan - rocks are hard

After the casing was installed a couple of days ago the coring team drilled down to the rock layers for a second round. This time the hope is to be able to get deeper into the rock layers because the casing (steel tubes) will stabilize the hole. Rocks are coming up on deck and this is exciting because it is the rocks that will help answer the questions in the scientific prospectus.