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Coming on Site, Old vs. New

Yesterday, we arrived at our second site with little fanfare or excitement, which is a far cry from what it was like in the DSDP days.  With the advent of GPS, determining where a site is and how we stay on site is very different from the early days of drilling. 

Arrival at the Site!

At midnight last evening we arrived at our destination out over the Juan de Fuca plate. My cabin mate and I went out at 1:00 a.m. to watch the piping operation get under way. The crew worked like a piece of machinery as they hoisted strings of pipe high up into the derrick and then lowered them down toward the sea floor. The machinery that they work with is huge, heavy, and amazing.

Dry Weight

Yesterday we got a little tour of the dynamic positioning unit of the ship. The Chief Mate Terry Skinner told us about the 12 thrusters that get used during drilling operations to hold the ship in place. The ship also points the bow into the winds to stabilize it.