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From Planning to Reality - I

From the Top!  The beginning of each expedition is always a very busy and stressful time, as everyone gets used to the new environment, scientifically, to the new lab equipment and software, but also personally, to folks from many different backgrounds and to the life on The JR.  Hiroshi Nishi (Hokkaido University, Japan) and myself (Universi

My own private Pacific island.

I have always wanted my own pacific island. I just never figured that I would get it. We are still on station due to the lack of berthing space in Victoria, BC.  We are due in on the morning of July 5 but we were hoping that we might get an extra night in port. We are still working and having fun onboard and will continue to do so.

Carbonates and Climate

Today we went to the chemistry lab and learned how to measure the percentage of carbonate in the sediments of a core. The percentage of carbonate in a core sample is determined by using an instrument called a coulometer. A standardized sample, made of 100% calcium carbonate, was run first for calibration.