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Just for Kids -- Driving the ship!

Here's Becky conning (that's ship talk for drive) The JR off site 1333.  She took the helm at about 1800 hrs (or 6:00 p.m.) one Saturday night and steered us toward our next location.  Thanks, Captain Alex!

From the Bridge

We get a quite a few questions from our readers about the training and qualifications required for various positions and careers aboard The JR and other ships.

Hotel Resolution

This has been my first cruise in 6 years and this one comes after a major refit of the ship in Singapore so I thought I would take a look at one or two of the changes that have been made. 

Ship Tour

Yesterday I took a tour of the JOIDES Resolution with Mike Storms, the operations officier for drilling. We started off in the Bridge and learned about the changes that were made to the ship in Singapore. The entire Bridge was raised one floor higher allowing for better visibility. It is filled with the latest technology. The view from the Bridge is great!

A view of the bridge

The ship wasn't really moving when I was at the helm.  Here's a link to a panorama of the bridge<.  It doesn't look like I can embed it in the blog.  You'll need Quicktime to view the panorama.

Charts and Crafts

Last week, I gave you a quick tour of the JOIDES Resolution engine control room<, where the ship's functions are monitored and managed. But if the engine control room is the brain of the ship, then surely the bridge must be the brain. Another brain. The ship has two brains, like a stegosaurus.