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Drilling into the Seafloor -- Just for Kids

Hi kids,

Here are a few more pictures for you.  This time they're all about how we drill and how we work on samples in the core lab.  If you have any questions, be sure to Ask-A-Scientist<!


What are you doing in the middle of the Pacific?

So, a fair question to ask is "what are you doing out there in the middle of the Pacific Ocean poking holes in the seafloor?"  I suppose the easy answer is "because we want to." We want to not as much for the hole it makes, but for the sediments that we drill and recover when we make the hole.  These sediments have been piling up out here for millions of years.

Becoming Sediment

Always be prepared. I often think that excessive worrying will help me in the case of an actual emergency. Last night after a fun last night out on the town (I blame the gelato), I tried on my survival suit.

Time Travel

     If time travel intrigues you, I believe geophysics is the way to go!  What better way to delve into the earth's history than to study the earth system processes over time.  You may not be able to physically transmit yourself back to 100 million years ago, but discovering through science can take you there mentally.  Just imagine! 

#typicalfieldworkday & Happy Birthday Briony!

First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIONY!! One of our paleontologists (benthic foraminifers) and the most awesome person you will ever meet. :3