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Two flightless Kiwi

Two flightless Kiwi, Chris Moy from Otago University and I, will be following the bar-tailed godwit (kuaka), one of New Zealand’s native birds to Alaska at the end of May.   While we must fly in a plane for over 12 hours, the godwit that is best known for being able to fly 12,000 kilometres in eight days will complete the journey unaided.

Another NZ bird-little penguin

As part of the National Aquarium’s Seaweek conservation work, Hawkes Bay’s little penguins (Kororā) will have twenty new cosy homes on Tait’s Beach north of Napier, New Zealand. 

Like a gannet

Australasian gannets were the topic last week at the National Aquarium Royal Society lecture by Dr. Gabriel Machovsky- Capuska, research fellow in Nutritional Ecology at Sydney University.  Australasian gannets occur in southern Australia and New Zealand.