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Preparing for U1332

Here's an explanation with new vocabulary to help you prepare for Site U1332.  See Ron's updates for more about locations and  plans.

Retrieving the CORK

Hole 395A was first drilled in 1975, and on Friday, we successfully retrieved the CORK observatory that was installed in 1997 on ODP Leg 174B (14 years ago). Here’s a look at part of that process.

Bit by Bit

RCB CORING, BIT #1: Although the penetration rates are relatively slow (with some faster intervals) and recovery is about what is expected, hole conditions appear to be reasonably good. The hole conditions are absolutely critical for us to be able to penetrate deeply, continue coring, and have a good hole for logging, packer tests, and CORKing. The next decision will be to determine when to stop coring with this Bit #1. A basic guideline based on a fair amount of experience (i.e., several decades of scientific ocean drilling) is that RCB bits typically last 40-60 rotating hours in hard rock. Although it’s always possible for a bit to last longer (or shorter!), the potential exists for it to have a cone fall off after too many hours—we all know too well what that does!