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How To Measure Seafloor Spreading Rates in the Classroom

In this blog, learn about an activity that allows high school age students to use real data from previous JOIDES Resolution research expeditions to compare the spreading rates in different areas of the seafloor and find out how fast is “superfast.”

Students Make a Model of the Ocean Crust and Then Eat It

NPR’s weekly science program Science Friday< recently created a video that shows the layers of the ocean floor using various unhealthy, but delicious food items to represent the layers.

Three Seafloor Spreading Activities for the Price of One

It can be a challenge for students to visualize how seafloors spread without actually expanding in area.

Free Superfast Spreading Hole Poster!

There is a poster available that is all about the hole the JOIDES Resolution is currently drilling in. It was designed by the Deep Earth Academy as an educational tool for high school and undergrad classes. It includes images of cores and data from a past expedition to this hole as well as activities that expand the learning. And it’s free!

Explore the History of the JOIDES Resolution with Free Posters

As the Superfast Spreading Rate Crust 4 expedition comes to a close, it is a good to remember that this expedition is not only one chapter in the story of research on this drill site, it also one chapter in the continuing story of the research conducted by the JOIDES Resolution and other ocean drilling research vessels.

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