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Tracer injection system, Darcy Lab both ready to go

Today I finished with preparation of the tracer injection system, thanks largely to the collaboration of Jim Cowen, Dustin Winslow, and Katie Inderbitzen.

Four Essential Questions

At the National Science Teachers Association’s (NSTA) national meeting in San Francisco on Friday, I got to meet a few School of Rock Alumni.  Thanks for the tips on what to expect and bring. I felt compelled to attend because I’ve never had the opportunity to attend an NSTA meeting and it was in my local area.  Squeezing it in between packing and getting everything else in order for a 30 day absence was well worth it.  With thoughts of Japan in the aftermath of the earthquake and the threat of the tsunami on our coast, the buzz of teachable moments and relevance of understanding Earth sciences was in the air of the Moscone Center with 15,000 science teachers.

Imagining Deep-Sea Drilling

In this activity< that combines math and art, students will learn about the process of deep-sea drilling by making their own reentry cone and simulating drilling activities. Students can color and construct their own reentry cone using the pattern< provided, then use scale ratios to calculate drilling distances and measurements.

Math Minute Answers - Week 3

Congratulations to Brittany, the winner of last week’s Math Minute. Enjoy your Adopt-a-Microbe T-shirt! Here are the answers to last week’s questions. Monday’s question is up on the expedition page, so if you didn’t win last week, keep calculating!

Math Minute Answers - Week 5

Congratulations to Alex, the winner of last week's Math Minute! Enjoy your Adopt-a-Microbe t-shirt! One more week left to win that t-shirt. Pass it on to your classes, your kids, your friends. You can show off your cool new t-shirt when you win!

JOIDES Resolution Playing Cards

They're here!  These JOIDES Resolution playing cards depict images from the JOIDES Resolution drill ship, and can be used in a variety of different ways. There are four groups of cards: People, Places, Drilling, and Recreation, and each group has eight pairs of images. In addition, there is one card without a match.

Math Minute Answers - Week 6

Congratulations to Carol, our final winner of the Math Minute Adopt-a-Microbe T-shirt contest! Enjoy your t-shirt. And a big thanks to all the math geeks who followed along with us during the expedition and learned how much math goes into everyday activities here on the JR. I'd like to give a shout-out to our one eager calculator who submitted answers for all 6 weeks...the grand slam of math! Way to go Paolina! These math questions and answers will be available here on the JR blog if you would like to use them in your classrooms in the future.

Double Live Video Event with the Loulé High School

A few days ago I was able to give a lesson to my students, but this time the JR was the classroom.

2012 and who/what's the education officer on the JR

Last night we rang in the New Year in traditional JR fashion - on the bow.


A lesson learned from a videoconference with the JR

During the last week we had a video conference with students in Sasebo-Nishi High School, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan.