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Becoming Sediment

Always be prepared. I often think that excessive worrying will help me in the case of an actual emergency. Last night after a fun last night out on the town (I blame the gelato), I tried on my survival suit.

Finding my place (in a survival suit)

 It’s our third day, and I’m finally blogging!  I feel like it’s taken me this long to get my bearings—after meeting everyone the first night onshore, I was feeling like “Why was I selected?”  There are such accomplished, amazing teacher participants and faculty I wasn’t sure I would be able to

Getting Ready

Tuesday PM (52oS). There are still four days to go before we reach our first drilling location, but there is little down time here on the JR. We got to get orientated, organized, and practice our sampling plans so that everything runs as smoothly as possible when the first core comes.