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Finding my place (in a survival suit)

 It’s our third day, and I’m finally blogging!  I feel like it’s taken me this long to get my bearings—after meeting everyone the first night onshore, I was feeling like “Why was I selected?”  There are such accomplished, amazing teacher participants and faculty I wasn’t sure I would be able to

Sample #358 Today

A crucial part of science is data collection. Repetition, duplication, same old thing, time after time after time. On the JR, everyone has their job and they do it for 12 hours. It can really get old doing the same old thing when processing 1 km of rock core.

Meet the Paleo team!

The “paleo” on JR is a small team of 6 scientists working together to date the sediments and rocks recovered day and night to address a specific scientific question. Here, the “Crustal Evolution of the IZU back-arc.”

Written in Mud

A micropaleontologist writing:

I have spent the best of my life, a gentle 25-year stretch, studying fossils: micro-organisms called planktonic foraminifers from samples raised from the deep sea to try figure out the inner working of the oceans through time and what it means for past climates on Earth.