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Sleep, or lack thereof

So, last night, our first real night at sea (not in harbor), the wall started squeaking.  Luckily, I had brought ear plugs, so I used them, and slept right through my alarm for a total of 9.5 hours of sleep.  Good thing I caught up, because tonight we started hitting real waves, and I mean hitting literally!  From my bunk, I can hear the smack of the water on the bottom of the sh

More pictures, by Dr. Ellins' request!

The waves have died down a little today, but this is what it looked like Friday and Saturday:


And it was pretty windy if you went out on top of the Bridge:

Some short movie clips

When it was so windy with high waves the last two days, I wanted to make some movies to try to show just how much the ship is moving (although we are perfectly safe).  I hope these two clips give you an idea of why so many people (myself included, now!) are taking medicine for seasickness. 


A Swell Time

It seems as there is a bit of excitement here each and every day.