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Is it really Saturday already?

Our teacher for this one has been down in the ALVIN Submersible to collect samples! The core is beautiful - has iron, pyrite, sulfer - all kinds of beautiful veins, and patterns. A lot of chemistry today.  Got to see a couple porpoises this morning swimming and jumping port side of the bow - no photos as the waves are still BIG and coming over the side.

Carbonates and Climate

Today we went to the chemistry lab and learned how to measure the percentage of carbonate in the sediments of a core. The percentage of carbonate in a core sample is determined by using an instrument called a coulometer. A standardized sample, made of 100% calcium carbonate, was run first for calibration.

On site and nearly ready to drill!

Hi, The Joides Resolution is now in place over our first drilling site. We expect the first cores on deck very soon. The first 50m set of 5 cores is mainly to enable very detailed geochemistry and microbiology sampling. We in the chem. lab (Julius, Toshi, Maria, George, Yulia, Curly and I) will be kept extremely busy over the next few days.

What to do with water pressed from a core

Over the past few days we have explored first-hand how different fields of science can be used to help us to better understand what exists beneath our oceans. To help scientists understand what materials are in cores drilled from the bottom of our oceans, a number of experiments from sedimentologists, chemists, paleo climatologists can be conducted.