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Another Saturday Night

Another Saturday Night.

Today was not like any other Saturday. We are now off the coast of Oregon and steaming toward our project site. We spent today looking at cores and learning about the geology, chemistry and biology of black smokers.


I have been asked about volcanoes< as we are currently in the Bering Sea very close to the Aleutian Islands which are made up of a long chain of volcanoes, so I thought I might write a few words. I have been interested in volcanoes for almost 30 years and I have been lucky enough to travel around the world to see and climb many of them. Most of my research has been looking at the material that Australian volcanoes produced 300 to 400 million years ago. These volcanoes are long gone but we can still read the story of their eruption in the deposits they leave behind.

How Basalt and Gabbro are Both the Same Yet Different

As the JOIDES Resolution has continued to drill deeper into the hole beneath us, the type of rock we are drilling has changed. Near the surface of the ocean crust you find mainly basalts. As we get closer to the bottom of the ocean crust you find mainly gabbros.

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Every once in awhile there will be external blogging from the ship by education officer, Amy West. Here is a snippet of the first one:

Going on a Rock Cruise

Imagine two, 60-mile-thick slabs of rock running into each other. Which gives first and why?