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Running casing with a "swell" packer

The last 24 hours was pretty frustrating, because we were trying to get 10-3/4" casing into a hole drilled into basaltic crust. We got the casing about 320 m into the hole, but could not get it in the last 16 m to land it and latch it in. After trying to get the casing in for about 12 hours, we pulled it back out, shortened it, and now we are going back in to the hole.

updated: Logging vs coring, good bye CORK

 Today we are logging. What is logging and how is it different from coring?

The School of Rock - Documentation Goals for the CORK

What can we hope to get from the CORK? I’d like to explore the path from initial goals developed by Earl Davis (pictured above with the ACORK instrument package on the bench to his right) and his team and what can be hoped to be derived from the data from this and other CORK installations.

Back in Astoria, preparing for AT18-07

It is great to be going to sea again, especially for just a few weeks! Expedition 327 was fantastic, but spending two months at sea was difficult. I'm glad to be back to short expeditions again, and working with the amazing crew and technical folks on the R/V Atlantis. I arrived in Astoria, OR this afternoon.

A Eureka Moment!.. actually two!!


A brand new design of flowmeter was brought along on this mission and deployed on July 5. The Eureka Moment came in two parts.. 1) when the Jason Pilot put it in place on the CORK and the large yellow handle was turned to open a valve.. TA DA! hot shimmering fluid came gushing out of the top of the flowmeter just like it was supposed to!