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a piece of ocean's crust ...

Joides Resolution on the core deck...

... a great moment, the Rockers are investigated a core of ocean's crust !

I have already seen rocks like gabbro, basalt but never a piece of the crust coming from the Juan de Fuca ridge.

I can show you some sections of the core, find the right legends ! and the good sequence ...


Gabbros and sulfides and chimneys, oh my! Part 1

So for the last 17 years I've wanted to "look inside" the ocean crust, as it were.  I've been using data collected by the JR and the Juan de Fuca CORKs for the last 3 years, but I've never had the chance to get a good closeup look at the cores BEHIND the data!  Of course you can imagine how excited I was to get to examine a cross section through the ocean crust by looking at

To Boldly Go Where Three Other Expeditions Have Gone Before

The JOIDES Resolution is currently drilling in a hole that has already been drilled during three previous expeditions.

Students Make a Model of the Ocean Crust and Then Eat It

NPR’s weekly science program Science Friday< recently created a video that shows the layers of the ocean floor using various unhealthy, but delicious food items to represent the layers.