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Wow is not good enough.

Wow is not good enough. I really do not have the words to describe today. We were to be in the galley early this morning for breakfast. We had all put our names in a basket to be drawn out for a prize the day before.

comic book


Do you like comic books? Check out the JR comic book, Tales of the Resolution and learn the fun way at the website:<


hello, world!

Hi! I'm Stephanie, and I'll be working on computer graphics and animation as part of the outreach team for expedition 327.  I'm pretty sure that I'm the least scientifically prepared person on the JR, but I am beyond excited to be working with everyone and learning as much as I can.

plugging holes in the ocean floor

If I told a little kid that I was on a ship drilling holes deep into the ocean floor, they might be worried that the whole ocean would drain away through a hole. Well, the consequences aren't quite that dire, but we definitely lose something valuable if the boreholes are left open.

ROVs in poem form....who'd have thunk it?

 As I prep to walk out the door and fly west for my yearly "science family reunion," I wanted to share a poem from a book that my mother (a high school chemistry teacher in NH) sent me recently.  

Hooray for the Sea and the ROV

The wide ocean swells across most of our planet.