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Welcome to The JR!

Hi friends! I’m so excited for our upcoming journeys with the JR! I sailed on the first School of Rock expedition in November 2005 with a group of talented and engaged educators. When I first saw the JR sitting at the dock in Victoria, BC, I had only a vague idea of what it did and why it was important to modern scientific research.

Soon on the JR for School of Rocks


Hi ! In a few days, i'll fly from France to San Diego to joign School of Rocks 2009 on the JR. It is a very exciting adventure to spend some days on the JR oceanogaphic ship during a scientist expedition ... great !. I shall try to report observations, news, events of this expedition for my students and colleagues. So see you soon on the JR



I don't know about the rest of you SOR folks, but I'm already lining up my stuff and packing it up. This is going to be a real adventure! 


Wow. One week from today we will be boarding the ship. I am already going over packing lists and instructions. I am also working on our assignments that we are supposed to bring. I'm really looking forwad to meeting everyone and having a great trip.

Preparing for the high seas...

We are down to just a few days before the big adventure begins! I'm really looking forward to meeting all of you other teachers from all over the world! That's going to be an education in itself. See you all in San Diego Monday night - happy trails getting there!

10,000 feet to sea level

I've just returned to Wisconsin from a fantastic conference on Atmospheric Science in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I have for the first time really understood what this whole mountain biking thing is about. I hiked up to the Storm Peak Laboratory at 10,000 feet and could barely think, feeling totally oxygen deprived.

in transit

Hello, fellow SORers!

I am currently in Toronto airport and will soon be on my way to Chicago and then to San Diego. I guess I won't make it to the informal dinner, as my flight arrives later this evening. So I thought I'd voice my excitement here!



Travel Day

After leaving Mobile, Alabama early this morning and traveling a little over 7 hours, on 2 flights, I arrived safely here in San Diego.  My first observation upon arrival is a climatic one. Yesterday when I went on an errand to the store about 3 pm, I measured the temperature inside of my truck at 135 degrees.

Departure tomorrow with the joides Resolution

Two weeks navigation between San Diego and Vanvcouver Island, along three different tectonic plates borders, but which ones ? (first challenge !)

Ready to go...

Hi everyone!