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Ship is coming in!


Hi all - I'm still in DC, but Leslie (our education director) is in Hawaii going to meet the ship as I write. We are all so excited that the ship is arriving in Honolulu NOW from its sea trials mini-expedition. It will be there for a few days while it gets loaded up for its first real expedition since completing its extensive renovation. And along with the ship itself, this website has gone live TODAY! So we invite you to join us and come along with the JOIDES Resolution.

53 minutes and counting...

51 minutes and counting now, the science party, technicians, crew and staff are now aboard after lunches and last minute shopping.

Witching Hour

It's 0500 and the galley has opened. We should be in port by 0800. I've been up for 1.5 hours (having slept 2), a victim of insomnia. The ship is very quiet with very few souls up and around. All the labs are clean (or getting their final cleanings), rooms darkened. The sun is already rising. Most people are enjoying the last hour of sleep on the ship.