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340 Ocean Detective: Michael Martinez

Today’s post is a PHOTO Story of one of four micropaleontologist aboard Expedition 340, Michael Martinez, who is completing his PhD at University of South Florida’s College of Marine Science. Michael has provided a series of photos and captions to share with us a glimpse of his research experiences thus far on the JR.

340 Ocean Detective: Debbie Wall-Palmer

Enjoy meeting 340 Ocean Detective Debbie Wall-Palmer who has created a PHOTO Story to share her research while aboard the JR.

Palaeontologists: Counting the Little Things

The JOIDES Resolution is like some sort of elite  dream-team, brought together with a single purpose: plundering the watery grave of time. But unlike in Hollywood, which might have a team of safe-crackers, con-men, and explosives experts, our team has sedimentologists, geochemists, and explosives experts.