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Leaving Port – Day 6, 7/10/09

The sun was bright this morning. Most of the science party and many of the others on board came out to watch as the tugs pushed us out. We had a clear view of the Olympic Mountain Range and the snow covering the peaks. I spent a few amazing hours our watching orcas swimming by and watching land slip away.

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day everyone, from a ship that spends its days studying the Earth! In honor of Earth Day, we just wanted to share with you a live web cam link from Ogden Point in Victoria. You can click on this link any time of day or night and see the ship there - at least until it moves to another part of the port in May.

Here's the link:<

Beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Tie Up

I’m back onboard, this time we are ‘along side’, which means the ship is tied up to a dock for the whole two months that I am aboard – fantastic!


Persistence Of Cook Or Mere Coincidence?

In early April of 1778 Cook was navigating the HMS Resolution through the same strait we will be traveling through tomorrow as we depart for the CORK site.  In addition to mapping the outlets while in pursuit of the Northwest Passage, Cook was also seeking timber to create a new mizzenmast< and <