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How Do You Stop the Motion of the Ocean? – Day 24, 7/28/2009

The JOIDES Resolution is equipped with some of the best devices available to do her job.  She is designed to move quickly on the ocean carrying a great deal of equipment and people to remote locations, and the ocean can be a rough place.  But a problem arises when you are on the ever changing surface of the ocean and you are trying to drill a hole thousands of meters below the surface.  How do you hold the drill steady when it is mounted to a ship that moves with the flow of the water?  That is today's topic.

Sunset and Beacon Catch – Day 51, 8/24/2009

It’s amazing how after two months on a boat with the same people day in and day out how your nerves start to get a little rattled. Not that we aren’t getting along, it’s just the lack of something new. The slightest hint of something bad or good happening at home and I start to get a little frustrated that I am not there to deal with things. Add a bad video camera into the mix and you might have a really bad mood.