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¿Que se cuece en medio del Atlantico?

¡Pues la verdad es que se cuece de todo! Hoy os voy a contar qué comemos en el barco y como funciona nuestro horario para las comidas. El JOIDES Resolution es casi como un hotel, nos preparan las habitaciones y nos limpian las instalaciones todos los días. También tenemos servicio de lavandería a diario. Para haceros una idea, me yo me he traído ropa para una semana y media y con ropa para 3 días me habría sobrado.

Breakfast?! Lunch?!... maybe Brunch!!!

In a previous entry you realized that we have an excellent team of cooks preparing all the meals for us. Breakfast is served between 5 and 7 AM, lunch between 11 and 1 PM, and dinner between 5 and 7 PM.

A working holiday

One of the benefits of living on the JR is that all our meals are prepared for us! Imagine not having to come home from a hard days work and cook a meal…for two months! It is bliss!

And they are not ordinary meals that you get in cafeterias or large institutions either. We are in heaven with all the delicious, specially prepared meals. This plate of salmon carpaccio says it all!

Flour for dozens of cookies


How did the rat get on board you might ask?

Victoria Rat is the type of animal that follows her nose to food.   She lived in the port of Victoria, Canada where there are lots of ships and ships are full of food for the many people who work on them.  A floating banquet! 


One week to go

It's only a week now before I have to leave and head off towards Hong Kong for our port call to join the JOIDES Resolution and to start our work that will last through to almost the beginning of April.