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Core Description to Kevin Bacon in Six Degrees

What the scientists are doing on the JOIDES Resolution right now may seem like a small, isolated event (particularly since we are out in the middle of the ocean where no one, except the bird that keeps hanging around here, can see us), and yet the work they are doing here will have rippling effects that spread around the world.

The End is Just the Beginning

We're coring our last hole of our last site of our last week of expedition 356. Everyone's a little tired and frazzled after two months at sea, away from their family and friends, with only the Pet Wall for company. And pretty soon we'll be putting in at Darwin, celebrating, and then going our separate ways.

This might seem like an ending, but the real journey has just begun. These two months at sea have just been for collecting the data and samples. Researching them, discovering all the secrets these cores hold, is going to take YEARS.