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Setting Up, Southern Ocean and Birthday

Last couple of days have continued the hectic pace we’ve had since the start. Worked 14 hours both days!

First Drill Site and Ice Bergs

 This morning, shortly after I woke, we reached our first drill site (WLRIS-06A). There was a flurry of activity, the dynamic positioning thrusters were deployed, beacons dropped to the seafloor and the crew started assembling and lowering the drill pipe, section by section, through 3700m of water to the seafloor.

Eau, gaz et sédiment… toute une histoire

Que font les géochimistes à bord ? Jin, Alexandrina, Madelline et David analysent les caractéristiques des eaux interstitielles du sédiment, des gaz et de certaines fractions du sédiment.