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12th January

It’s been another interesting but very long day (midnight now, working since 8.30am). Science presentations this morning. We’ve had some great presentations since we started the cruise, many of the scientists onboard have worked on Antarctica or in the Antarctic margins previously. While we have been sailing to the first site they have been generously sharing their insights and past discoveries, so that we all have a deeper understanding of the aims of the cruise.


“Much have I travelled in the realms of gold….


… and many goodly states and kingdoms seen”


Riders on the Storm


In the last few days we’ve been riding out a gale force 10/11 storm (for perspective 12 is hurricane strength). We had to leave the site we were drilling at and move to the north as there were too many ice bergs close-by It’s one thing to “heave to” through a Southern Ocean storm. It’s quite another to be in the vicinity of huge chunks of ice, the best policy is to run away!