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Explore the Louisville Seamount Trail using Google Earth

Google Earth is a free, downloadable program that allows anyone to actively explore the geography and topography of the entire world, including the ocean floor.

Make a Seamount Trail in the Classroom

Learn about a hands-on activity that can help students visualize how a hotspot and a moving plate can create a seamount trail.

Learn About Seafloor Spreading with Real Ocean Drilling Data

In the last “Educator Ideas” blog<, I shared an activity that showed students what it looks like when an ocean plate moves over a hotspot. Deep Earth Academy has an activity for 5th-8th graders that shows how ocean plates move through seafloor spreading that can be used in conjunction with the first one.

Hotspot Eruption in the Classroom

One advantage teaching science has over pretty much all other subjects is the ability to bring in cool demonstrations and hands-on activities to introduce and reinforce concepts.

Final Live Broadcast


In addition to writing blogs, I’ve been talking with students and teachers in California. Live broadcasts using Skype. I really love teaching. I love sharing what I know about the world and helping people understand. Here on the JR, I get to ask as many questions as I want and then share what I understand with students. Everyone here has an expertise and that is w