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Expedition 336 Comic Book Art

Mid-cruise comics: We’re coming up on “Hump Day,” the exact middle of our expedition, so it’s time for another chance to win an Adopt-a-Microbe T-shirt! I’d love to see your graphical interpretation of our cruise so far…comic book style. You can illustrate your favorite scene from one of our blogs or videos, or include several events in your strip. It can be funny or dramatic, realistic or cartoonish…be creative! Your comic-book-style illustration must fit on one 8.5 x 11 paper, but can be broken into as many segments as you’d like. It can be drawn by hand or computer. Don’t forget to check out JR’s own comic book, “Tales of the Resolution<!

Imagining Deep-Sea Drilling

In this activity< that combines math and art, students will learn about the process of deep-sea drilling by making their own reentry cone and simulating drilling activities. Students can color and construct their own reentry cone using the pattern< provided, then use scale ratios to calculate drilling distances and measurements.

Art in the rock ... What do you see in these thin sections ? EPISODE 1

Jiansong Zhang, our Chinese reporter, gives a new vision of these 'dry' olivine-gabbro!!! let's see

a horse birthing

Courtesy of Bill Crawford, IODP imaging specialist

What do you see ?

Art in the rock ... What do you see in these thin sections ? EPISODE 3

Answer to the second episode ... A runaway couple !

It can be a good way to present geology to kids and teenagers by the artistic side ! they are often very attracted by beauty as everyone ... and it is a way to catch their attention and to begin with rock.