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Early Preparation

Anticipation caused a cleaning frenzy, window-shopping and a new computer purchase.  Not only do scientists have much work to do after an expedition, but also there is much to do before an expedition starts.

Vite, vite!

"1 week 5 days from now"!

Only one week until we sail!

Plus qu'une semaine avant le grand départ. Merci aux enseignants géologues de l'université de Rennes , je me souviens bien du nom mythique de ce bateau. Comme quoi certains cours peuvent faire rêver!

Letter to JR

A letter to the JR:                                        

Un peu d'humour outre-atlantique signe Mister Edouard Gendrin, eleve du lycee Alain Chartier .

Thanks a lot Edouard! C est sur, nous allons faire de nouveaux adeptes du Joides Resolution.

Comic by Mister Edouard Gendrin - eleve du lycee Alain Chartier.

Thanks a lot Edouard! Il est sur que nous aurons ainsi de nouveux adeptes du Joides Resolution.

Comic created by Edouard Gendrin

The Beginning...

Hi, Hi! – I’m Bejonty and I will be joining the education/outreach team on expedition 327 as the HBCU Fellow. 

Planes, Ferries and Fireworks

 My journey to the Resolution is well underway.

hello, world!

Hi! I'm Stephanie, and I'll be working on computer graphics and animation as part of the outreach team for expedition 327.  I'm pretty sure that I'm the least scientifically prepared person on the JR, but I am beyond excited to be working with everyone and learning as much as I can.

science continues

We are off! There is a slight swagger to the ship now, as if the JR says proudly,” This is where I belong!"