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First cone, underreaming, more planning

Yesterday we installed a reentry cone on the seafloor (image above shows cone being assembled), with about 50 m of 20" diameter conductor casing below. This followed a jet-in test to verify how much casing we could get in by pumping, but without rotating.

Imagining Deep-Sea Drilling

In this activity< that combines math and art, students will learn about the process of deep-sea drilling by making their own reentry cone and simulating drilling activities. Students can color and construct their own reentry cone using the pattern< provided, then use scale ratios to calculate drilling distances and measurements.

What is a reentry cone? Vous avez dit cone de re-entree? Hablas de cono de re-entrada?

Bonjour a tous !

Un des moments forts du debut de l'expedition, la mise en place du cone de re entree !

Reentry cone