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ROV, Day 1

For one of our group activities here on the ship we have the opportunity to construct ROV’s (Remotely Operated Vehicles) led by CORK Specialist’s Geoff Wheat and Samuel Hulme. Even with no idea what an ROV is, it sounds like it could be fun, right?

ROV, Day 3 & 4

So most of you have probably realized by now that I'm a little behind in posting my ROV blogs but not to worry, since today was actually day four. Soooo, since I've no idea how long I'll still be caught we go!

ROV Catch Up

Okay, Okay. I know that I'm severely behind in my ROV blogs but better late then never right? So, here it is...ROV catch up (sorry, bare with me..this is kind of a long one...).

ROV Testing

Once again back to the ROVs! So with construction now complete all that's left to do is test and for that we need a large body of water...well we could just test over the side of the ship, right? Wrong, because while that would be fun it poses more safety risks then anything else. So, on to the next best thing...A POOL!