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Collecting bacteria in the borehole

The osmopump is useful to create a flow of water to help the colonization of chips of rock by bacteria . The goal is to identify the bacteria growing in the oceanic crust, and moreover can help to know if there is an interaction between these microorganisms and the rocks colonised. 

des bacteries mangeuses de roches ???

Ces bacteries vivant dans la croute oceanique ont-elles un role sur l'alteration des roches? Voila un des sujets d'etude sur le Joides.

Processing rocks for microbiology sampling

In today's blog, I'll walk you through my sampling process- I realized I've shown some of the experimental methodology I use out here, but nothing about how I get to that point.  That's what I'll cover here.

New Video: Microbiology and the Origins of Life

In our latest youtube video<, hear about the fascinating organisms our microbiology team is collecting in deep sea mud volcanoes, and how these microbes can help us understand the origins of life and how life evolves--both on earth and other planets!