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A Tale of Two Resolutions

This is a pre-travel posting that will hopefully help frame the way I think about the experience of spending two weeks on the JOIDES Resolution learning and developing instructional materials with a group of people with seemingly similar passions.

Persistence Of Cook Or Mere Coincidence?

In early April of 1778 Cook was navigating the HMS Resolution through the same strait we will be traveling through tomorrow as we depart for the CORK site.  In addition to mapping the outlets while in pursuit of the Northwest Passage, Cook was also seeking timber to create a new mizzenmast< and <

Underway Geophysics During transit to Tahiti

Transit to Tahiti – yes I said Tahiti! From Victoria, BC, Canada to Tahati, French Polynesia.

HMS Sloop Dog - A fun take on the History of the JOIDES Resolution

In orientation we learned that the JOIDES was once an exploratory oil drilling ship jointly owned by BP and Schlumberger, built in Nova Scotia in 1978. Six years later Schlumberger converted her into a scientific research vessel and changed her name, then Sedco/BP 471, to the JOIDES Resolution and leased her to the Ocean Drilling Program (ODP).

A Brief Word from the Atlantic

It's an exciting time for earth science, not only in the Indian Ocean but in the Atlantic as well. At the same time as we are drilling deep into Atlantis Bank, the British research ship RSS James Cook< is studying another mid-ocean ridge: the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.